Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2

Are you particularly looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch with good fitness and activity features? Look no further. Redmi is a known brand for producing affordable yet premium smart devices such as Redmi smartwatches. In this Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2 comparison article, we have decided to compare Redmi Watch 3 with Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2, the cheapest smartwatches with advanced fitness tracking features. Check out their comparison below that we’ve listed regarding their features, design, display, battery life, and pricing. This will help you decide which smartwatch you want. Is it Redmi Watch 3 or Redmi Watch 2?

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3: An Overview

Launched on 27th Dec 2022, the Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 provides improved performance over Redmi Watch 2 Lite and its predecessors. A 70 larger AMOLED display with 600 nits peak brightness makes for increased indoor and outdoor visibility.

While its Bluetooth voice calling and emergency SOS mode allows for the convenience of connecting with your loved ones in case of an incident. Nevertheless, it is an ideal device for fitness-conscious people with its heart rate monitor and SpO2 support.

With 121 sports modes and activity tracking, you can never go wrong with this smartwatch. In typical usage mode, it offers 12 days of battery life. With heavy usage, the battery will last up to seven days.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2: An Overview

Launched on 11th Nov 2021, Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 comes in a sleek design with more premium features than its affordability suggests. With a 1.6in AMOLED screen size and squarish display, it has everything to offer regarding fitness tracking and push notifications that comes in a Wear OS smartwatch.

Moreover, it delivers a high-precision GPS chip, 100+ sports profiles, sleep monitoring, and heart rate and blood oxygen measurement monitoring. At around 60 dollars, you won’t have to break the bank with this device.

It has a 5ATM water-resistant rating and a built-in microphone. Additionally, it also supports NFC cashless payments like WeChat and AliPay. With a 230 mAh battery, this device can last up to 12 days in typical usage mode and 5 days with heavy usage.

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2: Design and display

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

Featuring a 1.75in AMOLED screen with 450 x 390 resolution, the Redmi Watch 3 provides a 70% larger screen-to-body ratio. A 600-nit peak brightness allows for plenty of indoor and outdoor readability, while a 60Hz refresh rate offers a vibrant HD display. It comes with 205MB RAM.

Weighing at just 37g with a memory buckle, rubber strap, and plastic body, it is a lightweight and comfortable smartwatch. You can freely switch between 200+ watch faces according to your mood for multiple trendsetting combinations.

A removable watch strap also allows you to choose from various colorful bands of your liking to match your mood. The Redmi Watch 3 delivers a 5ATM waterproof rating enabling you to wear it while swimming in up to 50 meters of water.

It is available in elegant black and ivory-white colors, with a powerful 289 mAh battery. The packaging also includes a magnetic charger. Besides, it is compatible with iOS 12 and Android 6.0 or later.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 reveals a large 1.6in AMOLED screen size with 500nits peak brightness for maximum visibility. A 360 x 320 resolution provides vibrant colors, while a polycarbonate body makes it lightweight, weighing just 31g. It comes with 190MB RAM.

The build features a premium polycarbonate body with detachable straps and Li-Ion 225 mAh, non-removable battery, and a built-in microphone. It comes with a powerful magnetic charger that automatically aligns with the charging port when you bring it near the smartwatch.

A 5ATM water resistance rating also makes it swim-proof in up to 50 meters of water, while a 100+ watch allows you to set the dial themes to your liking. It is a budget-friendly watch that runs on the Xiaomi Wear operating system and is available in black, blue, and ivory colors.

Besides, it is compatible with iOS 10 and Android 6.0 or later. The Redmi Watch 2 doesn’t offer Bluetooth voice calls and emergency SOS features.

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2: Smart features

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

The Redmi Watch 3 delivers a built-in GNSS chipset for five major global positioning systems, providing more precise position tracking than its predecessors. A high-precision PPG sensor tracks your heart 24/7 and fitness. While a sleep monitoring feature offers detailed reports on your REM stages during deep sleep and light sleep.

A built-in microphone allows for Bluetooth voice calls, and an emergency SOS mode enables you to send a distress signal to your loved ones in case of an emergency. This smartwatch also features smart functions like an accelerometer, gyro, and compass for tracking outdoor activities.

A women’s health function tracks menstrual cycles, while a stress tracker monitors your stress levels for the entire day. In addition, it provides 5.2 Bluetooth connectivity and a remote control for controlling your phone’s camera. The Redmi Watch 3 also offers NFC support for cashless payments like AliPay, and WeChat.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2

The Redmi Watch 3 offers plenty of fitness features like a heart rate monitor, VO2 Max, and SpO2 to track your fitness and blood oxygen level during activities. A weather widget forecasts the weather for your next workout, while other smart sensors include an accelerometer, sleep tracker, stress monitor, and a compass, providing accurate measurements.

You’ll also get the option for women’s health tracking and ECG monitoring. The Redmi Watch 2 comes with a built-in GPS chip to support major global positioning systems for acute monitoring.

Other convenient features include 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, XiaoAI Voice Assistant, smartphone notifications, and incoming calls support. Moreover, it provides NFC+ connectivity for cashless payments. You can also control your phone camera through your watch’s remote control camera app.

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2: Key Sports Features

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

The Redmi Watch 3 comes with 121 fitness modes, including cycling, running, treadmill, jump rope, rowing machine workouts, and intensive HIIT training. You can also add more sports profiles or customize the difficulty level of existing ones.

Moreover, it automatically saves the history of six sports modes, so you won’t have to manually enter them to start an activity. Also, it offers 10-built in running courses with a Voice Coach guiding through them. The Redmi Watch 3 monitors your activity history to display calories burned and distance traveled.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2

The Redmi Watch 2 encompasses 100+ sports profiles for indoor and outdoor activities like jump rope, treadmill, hiking, cycling, running, and biking. You can also add custom activities profiles like water sports, outdoor sports, and training.

Furthermore, this smartwatch displays detailed data for tracking your activities, steps taken, workout history, calories burned, and distance traveled. You’ll also get workout plans and health tutorials from the official Xiaomi.

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2: Battery life

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

The Redmi Watch 3 delivers 12 days of battery life with normal usage and seven days with heavy usage. In standby mode, the battery can last up to 20 days. With the magnetic charger, you can power it up in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2

The Redmi Watch 2 provides a battery life of 12 days in typical usage mode and five days with heavy usage. In standby mode, the battery can last up to 20 days. So, that’s plenty of long battery life for the price. Also, with the magnetic charger, you can power up the watch in 2 hours.

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2: Pricing

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

The Redmi Watch 3 is available at CNY 499, costing around $73. It comes with three color strap choices.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2

The Redmi Watch 2 is available for CNY 399, costing around $60. It also comes with many options available to change the straps.

Redmi Watch 3 vs Redmi Watch 2: Which one to buy?

Xiaomi Redmi is dominating the market due to its innovative yet affordable smartwatches. If you are budget conscious yet want a smartwatch that comes with all the fitness and activities tracking functionalities of a high-end device, Redmi Watch 3 is for you.

Although Redmi Watch 2 is also a good watch, the Redmi Watch comes with state-of-the-art upgraded features. It displays a 70% larger screen-to-body ratio with 600nits peak brightness for maximum readability under the sun, SOS emergency call feature, and Bluetooth voice calling.

You won’t have to spend much. For a few dollars, you can get a built-in precision GPS, HD resolution, and an excellent battery life of 12 days with normal usage.

It offers 200+ watch faces, 100+ fitness modes, a heart rate monitor, a blood oxygen measurement sensor, and women’s health tracking. In short, we believe Redmi Watch 3 comes with pretty decent features for a budget-friendly watch.

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